Pentecost 20 May 2018

Hi Table View Methodist Family,


This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.  The day on which remember how the Holy Spirit was poured out on the first disciples.  The feast of Pentecost (feast of weeks) marked the end of the barley harvest in Israel; a holiday and an offering of the first fruits. It was also celebrated as the anniversary of the giving of the law to Moses at Sinai.

Because of this link with Pentecost, and the offering of the first fruits we invite you to bring offerings for our love cupboard this Sunday, that we can distribute to those in need.  As we bring our offerings, we celebrate that God has given us life.

Without the power of the Holy Spirit there would be no life:

"When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground." - Psalm 104:30

God's Holy Spirit is with us - giving us life.  When we look at the harvest we remember the mystery of God that makes all things possible.

Besides the natural abundance of the produce of the world in giving us the Holy Spirit God gives us super-natural abundance.  The disciples spoke in foreign languages - telling the good news.  But as we read Acts we hear how the Holy Spirit guides people.  How the Holy Spirit empowers people.  And how the Holy Spirit transforms people.

As Paul reflects on the gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians; he goes through a list of some pretty impressive things:  Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Healing, Miracles, Prophecy, Discernment of Spirits, Tongues, Interpretation...

He invites us to "strive for the greater gifts" (1 Cor 12:31) and, having listed all these amazing super-natural gifts he points out the most excellent gift of God's Holy Spirit:


Paul invites us to "Pursue love and strive for the spiritual gifts..." (1 Cor 14:1).

God's Holy Spirit can take water and turn it to wine.  Can take simple people like you and me and transform our minds and our lives.  The Holy Spirit pours God's love into our hearts.

"God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us."
- Romans 5:5

Jesus promises us that if we ask for the Holy Spirit we will receive the Holy Spirit:

“So I say to you, Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you. 10 For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.
If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” 
- Luke 11:9-10 and 13

I know I need the Holy Spirit in my life.  As much as I ask and God freely gives there is always some resistance.  Thats why we meet together every Sunday, encourage each other - and learn to love Jesus together.  Opening our lives to the presence of God the Holy Spirit and encouraging each other more and more to learn to live in love.

Memorial Services
This past week we were sad to lose two members of our congregation.  Mr Brian Bouch (brother of Maureen Spencer) and Filippo Grilenzoni (Husband to May.)

Brian's Memorial will take place on Friday at 11am.
Filippo's Memorial will take place on Saturday at 10am.

This Sunday
I look forward to worshipping with you as we celebrate Pentecost this Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am.

Synod 23-27 May
From Wednesday we will be holding our District Synod in Simonstown.  Please pray for all of us ministers and delegates as we gather to ask God to guide the church.  May our hearts and minds be open to hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.

On 26 May District Ministers swap pulpits; Rev David Howard will preach at Table View Methodist at 930 and 11am.  Mr Graham White (one of our local preachers) will preach at the 8am service.  I will be preaching at our Parow and Ravensmead churches.

As I write I pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us all as we learn every day to love the Lord and love our neighbours.

God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly

Table View Methodist Church

630, 8 and 930am - Easter Services

Image result for sunrise resurrection painting tomb

On Easter Sunday we remember the empty tomb.  The weather looks good for our Sunrise service at 630am.  There will be Easter Eggs.  And there will be communion.

There will also be a communion services inside the church at 8am and at 930am.  All our services simply move 90 minutes earlier on Easter Sunday.  Please remember to tell your friends.

Good Friday 30 March


Image result for crucifixion icon

On Friday you can join us from 8-9am or from 930-12am or for both services as we remember the crucifixion.

Our 8am service will follow the liturgy of the nails of the cross.  You can click through to read the liturgy here.

At our 930am service we will remember the seven words of Jesus on the cross:

1 - Luke 22:34 - Father forgive them
   Gilbert Khoza
2 - Luke 23:43 - Today you will be with me in paradise
   Edmond Deane
3 - John 19:26-27 - Women here is your son.  Here is your mother
   Trevor Ruthenberg
4 - Matthew 27:46 - My God, my God, why have you forsaken me
   Iain Uys
5 - John 19:28 - I thirst
   Isaac Rubaiya
6 - John 19:30 - It is finished
   Mbulelo Bikwani
7 - Luke 23:46 - Father, into your hands I commend my spirit
   Rev Angus Kelly

Each reflection will be about 7 minutes long, followed by a worship song or hymn and a time of silence for prayer.

Take off Your Shoes - Tenebrae

When Moses spotted a burning bush in the wilderness the first thing God said to him:

“Come no closer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.”
- Exodus 3:5

I wonder if God knew that Moses might get scared and run away.  Taking off your shoes slows you down.

If you're in town for the Easter Weekend I hope you will join us in worship.  Our service starts this evening (Thursday 7pm) and ends on Sunday morning, if you are away this weekend, or can't make it to some of the services; read through the following and join us 'in spirit'.


Take off your Shoes

Reading John 13:1-20

Image result for jesus washing feet

Our first act will be to come to church and take off our shoes.

It slows you down.

We will wash feet.
Or you can wash your hands.
Or you can sit and pray.
Remember how Jesus washes us taking away our sins.  Serving us with love and calling us to serve with love.

Take, eat; this is my body

We will share communion.

Remembering how Jesus feeds us.
Image result for communion painting abstract


Reading John 18:1-27 we will leave the service in silence and darkness.  Remembering how Jesus was betrayed by his disciples.

Image result for jesus betrayed abstract

Pastoral Letter - 2018-02-22

Dear Table View Methodist Family,

During the season of Lent we will be reflecting on prayer.  Learning to pray from the Bible's leading characters.  Sermons and discussion notes will be available on the church website  The series is inspired by a similar series preached by Rev Adam Hamilton at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Kansas.

This Sunday our focus is on Elijah, whom James calls: "A man, just like us".  The scriptures for this Sunday are

From Moses example I encouraged you to:
1 - Pay Attention.
2 - Argue with God if Necessary (Dare to say "No!" but be ready for God to argue with you.)
3 - Pray for your enemies and those who you struggle to forgive.
4 - Listen more than you speak.

I look forward to exploring the lessons we might learn from Elijah this Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am.


I'm very sorry to share the sad news that Arthur Stolke passed away on Wednesday morning. Arthur and Anne were at Groote Schuur on other business when Arthur started to feel poorly. Dr's and nurses did all that they could to help him - but weren't able save him.

A memorial service for Arthur will take place this Monday at 11am.

As many of you know Arthur and Anne were among the founder members of the Table View Society. Please continue to lift Anne up in your prayers.

As we remember Arthur we give thanks for the hope that we have in Jesus - this week the evangelist Billy Graham also passed away and I love his words:

Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. don't you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.

Dedications and Inductions

On Saturday 24 February at 2pm the Cape West Coast Circuit at will celebrate the dedication of the Witteklip Church Building in Vredenberg. Rev Michel Hansrod (our district bishop will lead the dedication). Please keep the Witteklip Society in your prayers as we give thanks for the gracious ways in which God has provided for us. As the church is dedicated we remember Mr Gilbert Perez who played an instrumental role in helping the Witteklip Society with their building project.

The dedication starts at 2pm and the Witteklip Church Building is on the corner of Saartjie Baartman and Kootjies Kloof Streets in Witteklip.
The induction of our two new circuit ministers - Revs Kganyape and Masoabi will take place at the Witteklip Society on Sunday 25 February at 10am.  Please keep them in your prayers as they commit themselves to ministry in the Cape West Coast Circuit; and we join with their congregations in pledging our support for their ministry.

Mission Theme - Welcome

One of the words that Jesus offers his disciples - in a parable of the judgment of the nations - Jesus announces to those who are 'sheep', who have shown themselves to belong to his Kingdom:

I was a stranger and you welcomed me in.
- Matthew 25:34

The following people have volunteered to 'champion' our welcome ministry at Table View Methodist:  8am - Bronwyn Courie; 930am - Tony Demmer; 11am - Gilbert Khoza.  Each of these ministry leaders will need a team of:

Door Stewards: Greet people at the door and help them to find their way (especially if they're visiting for the first time.)
Data Capturers:  People who will make sure we get the details of those who visit and want to keep in touch with Table View Methodist Church.
Callers:  Once people have shared their details with us we would like someone in the congregation to give them a call, let them know that they are welcome, and find out if they have any pastoral needs.

I could rephrase Jesus' words from Matthew 25:34 - 

I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
(I didn't belong.  And you let me know that I belong.)
- Matthew 25:34

If you're a regular at Table View Methodist, even if you're relatively new here, then you are a part of the team tasked with helping others to know that they are welcome and beloved.

You have no idea what difference your kindness might make.

God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly