Pastor's Note 2015-03-29

Pastoral Letter

Hi Table View Methodist Family,

I'm looking forward to reading some transforming scriptures with you this coming Sunday.  Jesus challenge to follow him to the cross (John 12:20-33), Jeremiah anticipates a day when our hearts are transformed (Jeremiah 31:31-34).  King David confesses his sin and asks God to purify his heart (Psalm 51:1-12).  The writer to the Hebrews describes the power of Jesus' priesthood (Hebrews 5:5-10).

With David I think we can all echo the cry: "Create a pure heart in me, O God..." I pray that God will continue this work in us this coming Sunday.

Holy Week (29 March - 5 April)

Holy week begins on 29 March with Palm Sunday.  On Palm Sunday we remember the hope of those who marched into Jerusalem with Jesus and the disciples proclaiming Jesus as Messiah and King.  During Holy Week we prepare ourselves for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday as we reflect on the meaning of Jesus life, crucifixion and resurrection.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week we will gather at 10am and 7pm to reflect on the love of God, grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit revealed through the cross.  The services will be about 45 minutes long.

On Thursday evening we will gather to read the account of Jesus last night with his disciples.

On Good Friday (3 April) there will be two services, one at 8am and one at 930am.  The 930am will be a reflection on the 7 words of Jesus spoken from the cross and will last about two hours.  I encourage you to come to the 930am service!

On Easter Sunday (5 April) we will have services at 8am, 930am and 11am, there will be baptisms and communion.

No Youth on Friday 20 March

Our youth pastor Iain is taking his weekend off this weekend, keep him in your prayers as he gets some rest; thank you for your hard work Iain.  It seems that many of our other youth leaders will also be away this weekend so the won't be youth this Friday.

Next Friday (27 March) will be the last youth group meeting of the term.  The theme is "Recognising God's Blessing in our Lives".

Youth group will start again on the first Friday of next term; 17 April; starting with the first session of Youth Alpha.  Youth group meets every Friday from 7-9pm contact Iain / 072 914 3154 for more information.

We're thinking of starting a junior youth group - aimed at Grade 1-6; from 6-7pm on Friday nights.  Anyone interested in helping out, chat to Iain.

Methodist Logo

Some of you have asked me to explain the Methodist Shell again.  This logo was designed for the Methodist Church in the 1980s.  It is a cross contained in a scallop shell.  The scallop shell is an ancient symbol of pilgrimage - I guess you could describe a pilgrimage as a journey that takes you closer to God.  It represents pilgrimage because of its shape - a fan of many starting points; culminating in the point at the top.

The Methodist Journey is a journey from the darkness of our sin and brokenness to the highest point of the journey in Christian perfection or 'perfect love'.  The fan means that anyone can join us on the journey.

The cross with a black base, red top and a pathway through the middle represents the fact that we journey through the cross - the grace of Christ, from the darkness of sin, through the blood of Christ - towards our ultimate goal.

I think it is a fitting symbol of what we attempt to do as we seek to be more like Jesus and accept all the help he offers!

Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre

One of our members, Kristel Havenga is involved in the Durbanville Horse Rescue Centre and they will be hosting a tea at our church this coming Saturday morning; here is a note from her:

Come help the animals and have a cup of tea while doing it!!!
DHRC is hosting a barter tea at the Table View Methodist Church to raise items needed on the farm, bring us your old dog leashes, blankets, dog food, or any items a dog or horse may need and we will give you a cup of tea or coffee with a nibble to say thank you!!!

Come meet our furry farm representatives who will also be there if you are looking for a canine family member, Lewis, Reeves, Dante and Charly are hoping to see you all there!!!


Our income so far for the year is R199,250.62 and expenditure stands at R232,143.45 (Click here for this week's statement).  Please speak to Vivienne 8am, Charmaine 930am, or Basi 11am about how you can support the church.  We need about R100,000 a month to sustain the work here and at the moment we are falling short of that goal.

Find our bank details in the notices or on our website.