Pastoral Letter & Nehemiah Sermon Series

Hi Table View Methodist Family,

This Sunday I look forward to preaching at the 8am service, Mr Graham White will preach at 930am and Mr Nkosinathi Singeni at 11am.  Isaac, myself and some members of the worship team will be travelling to the Marsh Memorial Home to lead their chapel service in the evening.  Please keep the kids at Marsh Memorial in your prayers.

Don't forget our awesome Spring Fete to take place on 8 September from 10am to 2pm; the success of our fete depends on each and everyone of us.  Please encourage your friends and family to come along for all the fun and the bargains.  Especially the food.

September Sermon Series:

During the month of September we plan to visit the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament of the Bible.  You will find it just after Chronicles and Ezra in the Old Testament.  1 and 2 Chronicles tell the stories of the Kings of Israel and Judah until Jerusalem falls under King Nebuchadnezzar.  Ezra and Nehemiah tell the story of the rebuilding of the temple and Jerusalem after the exile.

Hebrews 10:1 reminds us: 
"The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming—not the realities themselves..."
The temple, the city and the wall. their rebuilding and restoration might be a helpful way for us to look at our own spiritual renewal.  I pray that this sermon series will be helpful to each of us as we grow in our understanding of the scripture, the story of the Old Testament, and we draw spiritual lessons from the events of the book of Nehemiah.

2 Sep
Nehemiah 1:1-2:8
1 God’s Plan:
Envisioning a New Future
9 Sep
Nehemiah 2:11-20
2 God’s People:
Working Together
16 Sep
Nehemiah 4:1-23
(ref Nehemiah 5)
3 God’s Victory:
Overcoming Opposition
Nehemiah 5:1-14
4 God’s Way:
Do what’s right!
23 Sep
Nehemiah 8:9-12 & 10:28-39
5 God is Good:
Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

It won't take a long time to read through the book of Nehemiah.  I tried to make a short introductory video to help understand where Nehemiah fits in in the story of the Old Testament; you can view that here:

The really helpful website also put together this very helpful video discussing the content of Ezra-Nehemiah:

God bless,

Rev Angus Kelly