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Pastoral Note 26 March 2015

Holy Week and Easter Holy Week begins on Sunday with our Palm Sunday Service . Marlene, Tony and Karin are busy collecting Palms to decorate the church.  On Palm Sunday Jesus and his disciples completed their journey to Jerusalem.  The people welcomed him shouting "Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!  Blessed is the coming kingdom of our ancestor David!" How passionate are you about the coming of the Kingdom of God?  In our prayer and worship on Palm Sunday I invite you to express your longing for the coming of God's Kingdom - your dream of the day when the world will be put right - when God's Kingdom has fully come. Although Jesus should have been recognized as God's appointed King the people failed to recognize him - and the leaders plotted to have him crucified.  Holy Week is a chance for us to reflect on our response to King Jesus.  Do we crown him?  Or do we reject him? On Monday ( 30 March ) at 10am and

Pastor's Note 2015-03-29

Pastoral Letter Hi Table View Methodist Family, I'm looking forward to reading some transforming scriptures with you this coming Sunday .  Jesus challenge to follow him to the cross (John 12:20-33), Jeremiah anticipates a day when our hearts are transformed (Jeremiah 31:31-34).  King David confesses his sin and asks God to purify his heart (Psalm 51:1-12).  The writer to the Hebrews describes the power of Jesus' priesthood (Hebrews 5:5-10). With David I think we can all echo the cry: " Create a pure heart in me, O God... " I pray that God will continue this work in us this coming Sunday . Holy Week ( 29 March - 5 April ) Holy week begins on 29 March with Palm Sunday .  On Palm Sunday we remember the hope of those who marched into Jerusalem with Jesus

Pastoral Letter 12 March 2015

Hi Table View Methodists, As I write to you I pray that you would be a blessing to the world around you; wherever you are, as God uses you to share his good news with the world.  You have no idea what a difference you might make in someone's world today - by simply being the loving, caring, Christ filled person you're meant to be. I also know that most of us will not have been as good an influence as we had hoped we would be this week. Whatever happened this week - I know God wants to strengthen you for another week.  I pray that when you join us for worship you will receive grace and power from God, given through the Holy Spirit as we worship together, as we pray and listen to God's word explained; as we ask the Holy Spirit to help us.  I hope it will be just the encouragement you need to keep on living as God has called you to live. I believe that God wants you to join us at 8, 930 or 11am this Sunday.  And I'm looking forward to seeing you. Our script

Pastoral Letter 2015-03-05

Hi Table View Methodist Family, I'm looking forward to worshiping with you this Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am.  The scripture readings for this week are Psalm 19, Exodus 20:1-17, 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 and John 2:13-22 .  Psalm 19 ends with the words: "No one can see his own errors; 
deliver me, Lord, from hidden faults! 

Keep me safe, also, from wilful sins; 
don’t let them rule over me. 
Then I shall be perfect and free from the evil of sin. 
 May my words and my thoughts be acceptable to you, O Lord, my refuge and my redeemer! - Psalm 19:12-14 The Psalmist reflects on the perfect and wise instruction of God - asking God to deliver him from 'hidden faults!'  The law of God holds a mirror up to us and exposes our weaknesses and faults.  God doesn't do this to us to punish us - but rather to set us free.  We stress that God loves us and forgives us before we respond to that love.  He gives us his law, his Son, his Holy Spirit to help us to live in h