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Pastoral Letter - Synod 2015

Hi Table View Methodist, I'm on my way to Synod in Stellenbosch tomorrow. Synod comes from syn which means 'together' and odos which means 'way'.  At synod representatives from Methodist Churches throughout the Western Cape gather to work out our 'way' 'together' or 'synod.'  Finding the way together is not always easy - but (by the grace of God) we've managed to keep going here in the Cape since 1829. Part of the synod celebration is an exchange of pulpits.  This Sunday I will be preaching and worshiping at the Methodist Church in Bishop Lavis and Rev Ross Southern who looks after Tokai and Muizenberg Methodist Churches will be preaching and worshiping with you.  This exchange is a reminder of the fact that we are in partnership for the sake of the Kingdom of God with brothers and sisters in diverse situations and neighbourhoods.  I'll be sure to pass your love on to the people of Bishop Lavis; I pray that we

Pastoral Note - Pentecost

Hi Table View Methodist Family, This  coming Sunday  is Pentecost Sunday; 50 days after Jesus death and resurrection the believers (about 120) in Jerusalem received the promised gift of God the Holy Spirit.  There is lots of confusion around the person and work of the Holy Spirit - so I hope I manage to answer some questions / start some new conversations.   Jesus warns us against ' blaspheming ' the Holy Spirit (Mark  3:29 ). Blasphemy is a bit like forging someone's signature on a document.  To blaspheme the Holy Spirit is to claim the Spirit's authority for that which is clearly not of the Holy Spirit.  On the other hand Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians  5:19  ' do not quench the Spirit'   and calls us to ' test everything; hold fast to what is good. ' Because there is so much 'blasphemy' of the Spirit resulting in spiritual abuse many Christians have become afraid of the Holy Spirit and therefore 'quench' the Spirit.  I want to talk a

Pastoral Note - 7 May 2015

Hi Table View Methodist Family, Just when I thought I'd have a normal week (after all the holidays) I contracted the tummy bug that has been going around and spent the last two days at home.  Still got a chance to work on my sermon - we're talking about discipleship; following our presiding bishop's theme for the church: "Together, a transforming discipleship movement." THIS SUNDAY Last Sunday I spoke about what it means to be transformed; we were following Jesus in John 15:1-8 calling us to bear fruit - the fruit that we bear is Christlikeness; brought about the Holy Spirit which runs through us like sap through the vine.  We were reminded of his Spirit in us as we shared communion. This Sunday I want to speak about what it means for us to be together.  The reading from Acts this Sunday describes Peter's journey to Caesarea to preach to the gentiles.  When they receive his message and Peter baptizes them - but when he gets home the chu