Pastoral Note - 7 May 2015

Hi Table View Methodist Family,
Just when I thought I'd have a normal week (after all the holidays) I contracted the tummy bug that has been going around and spent the last two days at home.  Still got a chance to work on my sermon - we're talking about discipleship; following our presiding bishop's theme for the church: "Together, a transforming discipleship movement."

Last Sunday I spoke about what it means to be transformed; we were following Jesus in John 15:1-8 calling us to bear fruit - the fruit that we bear is Christlikeness; brought about the Holy Spirit which runs through us like sap through the vine.  We were reminded of his Spirit in us as we shared communion.
This Sunday I want to speak about what it means for us to be together.  The reading from Acts this Sunday describes Peter's journey to Caesarea to preach to the gentiles.  When they receive his message and Peter baptizes them - but when he gets home the church in Jerusalem is scandalized: "Why did you go to uncircumcised men and eat with them?" - Acts 11:2
The Spirit calls us into relationship with a diverse bunch of people.  Together we learn to be more faithful disciples of Jesus; are we devoted to fellowship - even when it is difficult?  Even when it means getting together with people who are very different to you?
Our readings for this Sunday are: Acts 10:44-48 Psalm 98 1 John 5:1-6John 15:9-17.  Remember you can subscribe to receive daily emails with devotions based on the scriptures for Sunday at
Also, remember you are invited to a meeting on 18 May at 730pm to talk about:  What does God want from us?  What do we want? and What are we going to do about it?  This will help us to set some goals for our future as a church.

Please keep praying for guidance.

This Sunday is Mother's Day.  During the service I want to share a brief video story about the history of mother's day - you can view it here if you like:  We'll spend some extra time in prayer for mothers in our community and around the world.  Our group of Gnattering Knitters who meet on Friday mornings from 10am will be packing special mother's day gift packs for the ladies at Sonnekus Old Age home; you're welcome to come and help the ladies and enjoy fellowship with them.
As we celebrate mother's day - remember those who long to be mothers, those who have lost children and those who have lost mothers too.  For many, these days of special celebration are days of deep sadness.
I also want us to remember the origin of mother's day in the Methodist Church - a chance to empower women and mothers.  In trying to engage with the economic systems that sustain poverty in our world it seems one of the best solutions is the empowerment of women and mothers; unfortunately women are the most vulnerable to crime - especially in our most impoverished communities.  Lets pray for God's Kingdom to come, for justice to be done, and for God to use our church.
Next Sunday 17 May there will be CAKE for sale.  A little bit of a fun(d) raiser for the congregation; and a chance for some fellowship.  Because we have so many services in quick succession on a Sunday we often rush off without greeting each other.  I'll try keep the services a bit shorter next Sunday so that we all get a chance to connect.  Please chat to Viv, call the church office - if you can help.

Our District Synod takes place in Stellenbosch from 28-31 May, start praying for us as we meet to work out God's way forward for our church; the theme for our synod this year is: Prophetic Activism - A Mark of a Transformed Discipleship Movement.  Its my job to lead the worship this year.
After Synod on Friday 5 - Saturday 6 June I'm leading our Circuit Local Preachers Retreat; pray that it would be an edifying, uniting time for us.
God bless,
I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am.
Angus Kelly
Minister at Table View Methodist

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Rev Angus Kelly
Table View Methodist