Pastoral Note - 29 July 2015

Hi Table View Methodist Family,
Alpha Course, Weekly from 3 September at 7pm

Everyone is invited to join us for the Alpha Course starting 3 September.  The hardest thing about meeting people in crisis - as I often do - through death, disease, divorce, unemployment, disaster etc... is that they don't have the foundations in place to deal with what they are going through.
Alpha helps you to lay the foundations of your faith - figuring out for yourself what it means to you to answer questions like:  Who is Jesus?  Why did Jesus die?  How can we have faith?  Why and how do I pray? How does God guide us?  How can I resist evil?
If you are interested in joining us for the Alpha Course please sign up this Sunday.

Alpha will run on Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm; supper will be served at 7 (for a reasonable donation), followed by a presentation on one of the topics and then some time in small groups to discuss the presentation. Baby sitting will be arranged.
Have a look at for more information.

Shoe Project (You may have donated R60?)

The Circuit youth managed to collect 170 pairs of shoes for children in need.  Gilbert Khoza - one of the leaders at the Witteklip society shared with us about the joy that was given to children who received shoes.  What I am most pleased about is that the shoes were delivered to communities by members of those communities. What we gave went to the right people in need.

Lingelethu Church Building

Our circuit is currently building a new church in Lingelethu, just outside Malmesbury; the church is due to be opened on 24 October at 2pm.  On 14 March last year I sent you this picture of the progress there:

Today I'm happy to send you these:

As you can see there is a lot of work to be done, please continue to pray for God's continuing provision for the project and give thanks for what has been done so far.  What I love most about this project - besides the fact that a church will exist as symbol of God's presence and love in Lingelethu is that it is a combined project - the circuit has contributed; and we have received help from a United Methodist Church in Oklahoma (USA).  The body of Christ is at work in the world!
For more information about this project please chat to Gilbert Perez, our Circuit Steward.

Junior Youth Grade 1-6
Junior youth was a hit last week; thanks especially to JT, Tara-Anne and Gareth who initiated and ran it.  Junior youth will meet again this week from 6-7pm and senior youth from 7-730 to 9pm. 

This Sunday
I look forward to sharing communion with you this Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am.  At 8 and 930 am I'll share with you about the Biblical basis for spending your tithe on 'strong drink'.  See Deuteronomy 14:26.  Mbulelo Bikwani will preach at the 11am service, but I will be there to share communion with you.
God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly


Rev Angus Kelly
Tableview Methodist
Day Off: Friday

Pastoral Note 23 August 2015

Hi Table View Methodists,

Hope you haven't forgotten me!

Thank you for your patience while I was on furlough; I missed you guys but had a great time with my family and feel rested and ready for new challenges.

Thank you to the stewards and to our youth pastor Iain for taking care of things while I was away.  I bumped into a few members in the shops and they all told me what a great job you guys were doing.  Well done - and thank you!

This Sunday I'll worship with you and preach at 8, 930am; Mr Bikwani will lead the 11am service.

There will be refreshments between the services this Sunday as it is the last Sunday of the month; next Sunday (the first Sunday of August) will be communion.

Junior Youth (Grade 1-4)

Our first Junior youth group meeting will take place tomorrow night from 6-7pm.  As I write this Iain is meeting with Tara-Anne and Gareth to plan the evening.

Parents are welcome to drop their kids off and pick them up promptly at 7pm; but you are also welcome to stay and keep an eye on them from the sidelines if you would like to.

Alpha Course

I had hoped to start the Alpha Course in August - but its almost August already - so I'd like it to begin on Thursday 3 September.  Every evening will begin with a light supper; then a presentation on topics like: Who is Jesus?  Why and how should I read the Bible?  Does God heal today?  After the presentation there is an opportunity to discuss the presentation in small groups.

About half way through the Alpha Course we will go on a one day spiritual retreat; a chance to focus on the Holy Spirit and the work of God in your life.

Even if you have done the Alpha Course before it will be worth joining us for this one.  We need people who will facilitate discussions; people who will help with catering; and people who will pray for all of us participating in the course.

Please sign up to get involved!  You won't regret investing this time into your spiritual growth and your community.

God bless,
See you on Sunday.