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Pastoral Letter - 2015-08-27

Hi Table View Methodist Family, On Tuesday afternoon I joined a group of NGOs in their march to parliament demanding that government respond to the Khayelitsha commission of enquiry.  A year after the enquiry exposed deficiencies in policing in Khayelitsha it seems that nothing has been done.  I went in order to pray and to listen.  I probably would not have gone if I had not been reading James' letter in preparation for preaching over the next 6 weeks. The Letter of James ( 30 August - 27 September ) Spiritual maturity, moving your faith from your head, to your heart, to your hands. As I read through James and various commentaries and articles about the background to the letter I've tried to imagine what James would say to our church if we invited him to visit.  How would he encourage us?  How would he challenge us?  How would he challenge me?  Why don't you read the letter and ask yourself the same questions. This Sunday I'll invite 'James

Pastoral Letter 20 August 2015

Hi Table View Methodist Family, New Members & Visitors  30 August If you're new(ish) to Table View Methodist then please join us for coffee  on Sunday 30 August from 4-530pm .  We will talk about what it means to be a Member of the Church, get to know some of the leaders and the minister and invite you to belong.  Children are welcome. In 1 Kings 8 Solomon dedicates the temple in Jerusalem; he prays to God: "Even heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you, much less this house that I have built..." (Verse 27)  Acknowledging that God can not be contained in a building - he asks that the building would be a real symbol of God's presence to the world.  Our church building - and our people are a symbol of God's presence in the world.   Our youth pastor Iain testifies to a miracle that took place when he prayed for a young man who popped in to the office for prayer: A few months ago a guy came to the church office looking for prayer. He was living on the stre

Pastoral Note - 6 Aug 2015

Hi Table View Methodist Family, I'm looking forward to talking to you this week about the Widow's offering in Luke 21:1-4.  This passage might not be about giving generously.  This Sunday we will look at some of Jesus teaching around money and our relationship to it - we will look at a few examples from the Early Church as we try to work out what it means to be obedient to God in our giving and our use of money as a church. I've been talking about money for the last two weeks - during the first week the feeding of the 5,000 reminded us that we serve a God who is concerned that everyone should have enough.  In the second week we learnt about Deuteronomy 14 - the tithe was to be enjoyed by the people who brought it - and every third year the tithe was to be stored for those in need. Alpha Course The Alpha Course will begin on the evening of Thursday 3 September at 7pm - the topic:  Is there more to life than this?   Please sign up through our website: www.