Pastoral Letter - 2015-08-27

Hi Table View Methodist Family,
On Tuesday afternoon I joined a group of NGOs in their march to parliament demanding that government respond to the Khayelitsha commission of enquiry.  A year after the enquiry exposed deficiencies in policing in Khayelitsha it seems that nothing has been done.  I went in order to pray and to listen.  I probably would not have gone if I had not been reading James' letter in preparation for preaching over the next 6 weeks.
The Letter of James (30 August - 27 September)
Spiritual maturity, moving your faith from your head, to your heart, to your hands.
As I read through James and various commentaries and articles about the background to the letter I've tried to imagine what James would say to our church if we invited him to visit.  How would he encourage us?  How would he challenge us?  How would he challenge me?  Why don't you read the letter and ask yourself the same questions.
This Sunday I'll invite 'James' to tell us a bit about himself and how that will help us to understand his letter.

Alpha Course - 3 September
If you've done Alpha before and you'll be joining us from 3 September please come and join us for a training session this evening from 7pm.  Please pray for all of us going on Alpha - that we would grow in faith and understanding and that we'd increase fellowship in our church.
Its not too late to sign up - so please let us know if you'd like to come by registering via our website - or filling in the forms on Sunday.

Junior and Senior Youth 530-7 and 730-930
Last week the junior youth learned about the armor of God - and had a lot of fun playing various games.  Bring your kids, invite your friends to bring theirs - and support all of our youth leaders in your prayers.

Communion Stewards & Love Fund (Input and Ideas)
On Communion Sundays we take up an offering to help the poor / struggling in our community.  The stewards of the poor fund decide how that money should be spent; they also make arrangements for communion and assist the minister in offering pastoral care to the congregation.
This is a vital ministry - James 1:27 reminds us that 'Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress...'
The nominated communion stewards will meet on 8 September from 7-830 to begin forming some guidelines and procedures that should govern our use of this fund.  Perhaps we should pack grocery boxes?  How do we help most effectively when people go through times of financial distress?
If you have any ideas please mail them to

Voluntary Help Wanted (Pray about it...)
People to count money after the service.
Musicians and trainee Musicians to join the worship team.
Singers for 11am service choir.
Help clean the church in December (caretaker on leave).
Be available to pray for people after Sunday services.
Help with admin tasks from time to time (Name tags, envelope stuffing etc.)
Operate the sound desk and slide show on Sundays.
General maintenance of our church buildings and gardens.
Welcome people at the door on Sundays.
Make contact with visitors who are interested in joining our church.

Anything else you think we need help with?
Food Fair Fun(d) Raiser
Please sign up to help at the food fair on 26 September; get to know the congregation, help us have fun and raise some funds.  Invite your friends and family.
Cape Welsh Choir
Don't forget the Cape Welsh Choir concert on 9 October.
God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly

Pastoral Letter 20 August 2015

Hi Table View Methodist Family,

New Members & Visitors 30 August

If you're new(ish) to Table View Methodist then please join us for coffee on Sunday 30 August from 4-530pm.  We will talk about what it means to be a Member of the Church, get to know some of the leaders and the minister and invite you to belong.  Children are welcome.

In 1 Kings 8 Solomon dedicates the temple in Jerusalem; he prays to God: "Even heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you, much less this house that I have built..." (Verse 27)  Acknowledging that God can not be contained in a building - he asks that the building would be a real symbol of God's presence to the world.  Our church building - and our people are a symbol of God's presence in the world.  

Our youth pastor Iain testifies to a miracle that took place when he prayed for a young man who popped in to the office for prayer:

A few months ago a guy came to the church office looking for prayer. He was living on the street, and was struggling with substance abuse. I prayed for him, and he asked to become a disciple of Jesus...

I went to the TLC Outreach Projects office today to drop off 25 gift bags that the youth at Live Out Loud had made as a Women's Day outreach for a breakfast that is being held for the SAPS ladies tomorrow.  I saw the same guy who came to church all those months ago.

...he told me how he had been in the TLC program for three months now, and was completely clean. What is more, he had moved from living on the street to living in an informal settlement with a group of other people, who could hold each other accountable. 

I am so encouraged. Thank God for answered prayers, and for people who live out His will in the world.

I pray that as much as our building represents God's presence to people passing by, you as a Christian would be a sure sign of God's presence in the world where you are.  I pray that you would know the difference you make because of Christ in you.

This Sunday

At the 8 and 930am services I will be preaching on Ephesians 6:10-20 - The Armor of God.  At the 930 service we share the privilege of baptizing Harper; she is nearly 1 year old.

Parents of baptized children commit to care for them in body, mind and spirit, to ensuring that they are raised in the faith and life of the Christian community, and to setting before them a Christian example that they would learn the way of Christ.  

We the church commit to maintaining a life of worship and service that would help them to do what they have committed to do.  Pray for them and for our church as we commit ourselves to the work of raising disciples.

We will be baptizing again on 6 September; Harper is just slipping in early because her family has come from far away to be with her at her Baptism.

Alpha Course

The Alpha Course will begin on Thursday 3 September; we have about 50 people signed up so far - please continue to sign up this Sunday.  Can I ask that those who have done Alpha before and will be joining us on this Alpha Course meet together on Thursday from 27 August from 7-9 for prayer and some preparation.

International Food Fair 26 September 1-4pm

Fun(d) raisers are not all about raising funds.  They are about working together as a team, having some fun - and helping our church.  Sign up to help at one of the tables; get to know new people in our church community - and invite friends to support us on 26 September.

March for Fair Policing

In places like Khayelitsha there is 1 police officer for every 1043 people; in more affluent areas - with less crime as few as 178 people per police officer.  As members of God's family we have brothers and sisters in Khayelitsha.  They invite us to join them in a march for safety, equality and justice.  If you can't join - please pray.

​Psalm 82:3-4 "Defend the rights of the poor and the orphans; be fair to the needy and the helpless. Rescue them from the power of the wicked."

God bless,

Pastoral Note - 6 Aug 2015

Hi Table View Methodist Family,
I'm looking forward to talking to you this week about the Widow's offering in Luke 21:1-4.  This passage might not be about giving generously.  This Sunday we will look at some of Jesus teaching around money and our relationship to it - we will look at a few examples from the Early Church as we try to work out what it means to be obedient to God in our giving and our use of money as a church.
I've been talking about money for the last two weeks - during the first week the feeding of the 5,000 reminded us that we serve a God who is concerned that everyone should have enough.  In the second week we learnt about Deuteronomy 14 - the tithe was to be enjoyed by the people who brought it - and every third year the tithe was to be stored for those in need.
Alpha Course
The Alpha Course will begin on the evening of Thursday 3 September at 7pm - the topic:  Is there more to life than this?  Please sign up through our website: or at church on Sunday.  If you can't make it for the supper time Alpha I'm thinking about running a teatime Alpha on Thursday mornings - let me know if you're interested.
Communion Stewards & Pastoral Care Team
We need two communion stewards to help at each of our Sunday Services.  Communion Stewards help to set out communion but that is not all they do - they also fulfill a pastoral role in helping to offer pastoral care to the community; one of the ways this is done is through administration of our church's poor fund.  So far I have received the following nominations:
8am: Maria Kabrinowski, Anne Stolk, Alf Fuller and Michelle Buyskes
930am: Hilton and Cheryl Madden
11am: None yet.
We would like to finalize these appointments by the end of August so please nominate if you haven't yet - and if you have nominated someone and their name does not appear above, please let the office know.

Brad Smith and Pat asked me to say thank you to all of you for all your prayers and support.  As you know their workshop burnt down on the 25th of July.  Some of you helped them get back to work almost immediately; thank you for being a loving and caring community!

God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly

PS - the WA asked me to remind you that they will meet on Saturday 15 August at 930am.