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Pastoral Note - 2015-10-29

Hi Table View Methodist Family, I look forward to seeing you for communion this Sunday - we will talk about the theme: "We want to be more like Jesus..."   Services are at 8, 930 and isiXhosa at 11am Thank you so much for your tremendous generosity over the harvest festival.  Someone from Table View Angels collected a car load of produce to take to people in need in our community.  And I took a car load and a trailer load to Heatherdale and Marsh Methodist children's homes to help feed children in the care of our church. The Harvest Festival Display ​Trailer and car loaded up to go to Marsh and Heatherdale Children's Homes Alpha Course - Who is the Holy Spirit? Tonight at Alpha we ask the question:  "Who is the Holy Spirit?" and on Saturday morning from 9-1pm we will reflect on the questions: "What does the Holy Spirit do?" and "How can I receive the Holy Spirit?"  This will be in the form of a retreat w

Pastoral Note - 2015-10-15

Hi Table View Methodist Family, Thank you for my time off last week - I managed to do some of the tasks at home that I have been putting off for nearly 2 years!  Some facebook wisdom: "If you want a man to do something he will do it; there is no need to remind him every six months." And I got to be a part of Iain and Kirstin's wedding - here is a picture of Iain, Kirstin, their ring bearers and their flower girl; but I'm sure they'll have more to show you when Iain gets back to work.  ​ Alpha - Why and how do I pray and read the Bible? Tonight at Alpha we'll talk about how God guides us through scripture and through personal relationship - in prayer.  Please remember to set aside the morning of 31 October from 9-1pm for our Holy Spirit retreat; a chance for you to reconnect with God through the Holy Spirit. Maybe you haven't come on Alpha but you would like to hear more about the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit works in ou