Pastoral Note 26 November 2015 - Advent Hope

Hi Everybody,
Advent Hope

On the First Sunday of Advent we light the candle of hope; the first of four candles on the Advent Wreath:  On each of the Sundays of Advent we light one more candle - Hope, Love, Joy and Peace - then finally on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day we light the center candle; the Christ candle.

​ I want to encourage you to set up and advent wreath - in our house it is as simple as five candles on a little mirror with some flowers and leaves around them.  Our plan is that we will light one more candle each week until Christmas and when we light those candles we'll talk about and pray about the theme of the week.
What gives you hope?  What does God hope for?  Who do you know who has lost all hope?  How can you share hope?  What have you given up hoping for?
Too often our family conversations focus on the negative; how can we embrace Christian hope this week?  How can we have positive conversations about our faith.
See if you can memorize this verse: 

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.”
- Micah 7:7 (I mistyped it as Micah 6:7 in the newsletter!)

Alpha Tonight 26 Nov

Tonight is the last Alpha Supper of our 2015 Alpha Course, thank you to all the participants, assistants, group leaders - and of course - the caterers.  Tonight's meal is a bring and share and a celebration of what God has done in our lives.

The Story
During the first term of next year we will begin a church wide journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  We will be using a book by Randy Frazee and Max Lucado entitled The Story - a summary version of the Bible in Chronological order.  The story is also available in children's editions and there is weekly small group and Sunday School material to help everyone in our church from young to old to enjoy a journey through the whole Bible.
For more information on The Story have a look at
Woman's Manyano

There will be a robing service for the Woman's Manyano this Sunday at the Witteklip Society in Vredenberg.  Please keep our Circuit Woman's Manyano in your prayers and especially at Table View as we found a new branch.  You'll find out more about who they Manyano are and what they do - but for now I'll share this picture - because I'm sure you'll recognize the uniform:

I pray that you will be filled with Advent Hopefulness,
I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am.
God bless,