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Pastoral Note - 28 Jan 2016

Hi Table View Methodist Family, This Sunday we reflect on the story of Abraham.  Iain will be preaching and I (Angus) will be leading worship. Every human being has ' foundational stories ' these are the ideas, experiences, belief systems on which you base your life decisions.  Some of these stories produce damaging results. For example; in South Africa many of us were raised to believe in racism.  When a damaging story takes root in our imaginations it is nearly impossible for it to be removed.  Our minds are lazy; they don't like to learn new things; so we accept everything that affirms our ' foundational story ' and reject everything that challenges it. Maintaining healthy 'foundational stories' is very important.  We need to examine the stories that we live by in order to remove them and replace them with God's story for us.  Like the Psalmist prays:  'Who can detect their errors?  Clear me from hidden faults.' - Psalm 19:12 L

Happy New Year & Pastoral Letter January 2016

Hi Table View Methodist Family, This Sunday we're back in action with services at 8h00 , 9h30 and 11h00 ; Sunday School will start on 17 January .  Iain Uys is preaching at 8h00 and Mbulelo Bikwani at 9h30 and 11h00.  I'll be enjoying a weekend off. I pray that you would be blessed in 2016.  Blessed with the knowledge that you are God's adopted, chosen, beloved children - because of his love revealed in the person and work of his son Jesus Christ.  I tried to describe this in my sermon last Sunday and you can listen if you like via our website - click on the ' Sermons ' tab near the top of the page.  If you use iTunes you can subscribe to the podcast here (if you have trouble sleeping at night - this might be the cure!). My Christmas day message challenged me to pay attention to what God is saying.  To move closer and investigate (as the shepherds did) and to move into the world with renewed attention to what God is d