Pastoral Note, Holy Week, Easter

Hi Table View Methodist Family,
This Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am we take a look at the book of Judges. 

In Judges we read about famous and interesting Bible Characters like Gideon, Deborah and Samson (The Judges).  A Judge is essentially a 'justice bringer' someone who is called to restore balance between people and between people and God.  Jesus says: "Blessed are the peacemakers..." He introduces a New Testament version of being a 'Judge' or a justice bringer; a peacemaker.
How can you make peace within yourself and within the world you live in?  Let us pray about that as we reflect on the scriptures this Sunday.
In preparation for this Sunday I invite you to read chapter 8 of The Story or the following excerpts from scripture: Judges 2-4, 6-8, 13-16.
Sunday 20 March is Palm Sunday - so we will be taking a break from The Story until next term when we will start with Chapter 8 (The book of Ruth) on 10 April.
Holy Week 20-27 March
Holy week begins with Palm Sunday as we remember Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  From Monday to Wednesday there will be short Bible Study services from 7pm

I'm sorry that we won't have day time services this year - please offer lifts to those who can't drive during the day; and ask for lifts if you need them.
At our Holy Week Services we will reflect on John 14:15-16:15; some of Jesus' last words to the Disciples during the last week of his life about the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Monday - Thursday 7pm:
21/3 Monday - The Promise of the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-31)
22/3 Tuesday - The Fruit of the Holy Spirit (John 15:1-17)
23/3 Wednesday - The Advocacy of the Holy Spirit (John 15:18-16:15)
24/3 Thursday - Tenebrae Service
The Tenebrae Service reflects on the last evening of Jesus' life.  Jesus was abandoned by his disciples on the Thursday Evening and so everybody is encouraged to leave the church in silence after the service is finished.

Good Friday (25/3) - 8 and 930-1130am
On Good Friday we will hold a traditional Good Friday service reflecting on the crucifixion of Jesus at 8am. From 930 to about 1130 on Friday we will conduct a multilingual / multicultural service reflecting on the Seven Words of the Cross.
(Our Good Friday offerings are for the Ministerial Students Fund - a fund that helps us to train clergy for ministry in the Methodist Church.)

Easter Sunday (27/3)
On Easter Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection of Christ with Communion at all three services, 8, 930 and 11am.  If you want to get baptized on Easter Sunday, or you want your baby to be baptized on Easter Sunday please contact Di at the office before the end of the week so that we can make arrangements to meet before Easter Sunday.
Church Finances
Every month we need about R95,000 to meet the bare minimum requirements of our society, we need this money to pay:

1 - Circuit Assessment:                                         R47,500   
2 - Salaries and Housing Provision for Minister   R42,500
3 - Bare Minimum Running Expenses                  R5,000
In January and February our incomes were about R90,000 meaning a loss of about R10,000 for the year so far.
It would be great to increase our monthly income by R15,000.  Some of us give as much as we can already; some of us can afford to give a little more.  Pray about what you can give to the church to help us with our mission and work. 

If 5 more people give R1,000, 10 more people give R500 and 20 more people give R250 a month our target will be met.  You might be reluctant to give because you can't see your way to bringing in a full tithe.  Every cent helps; give what you can and start this month!
The church's bank details are:
Account name: Methodist Church of Southern Africa - Table View
Bank: First National Bank
Account: 5923 000 5827
Branch Code: 203 809
This is our income and expenditure for 2013, 2014, and 2015:

Since coming to Table View I have helped you to curb your expenses; but I haven't been very good at increasing your income.  From 2010-2013 the society was overspending by about R200,000 per year. 

In 2014 we gained R50,000 but we also increased our lay staff salaries and our Circuit contribution for 2015 resulting in a loss of R35,192 in 2015.
Although it is great that we have trimmed a lot of fat in 2014 and 2015; spending about R21,000 less in 2015 than 2014 is not necessarily a good thing.  We should be spending money to improve our ministry to the community of Table View; we should be putting money aside for future investments.
God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly