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Pastoral Note - 2016-04-14

Hi Table View Methodist Family, I hope you're enjoying the Autumn sunshine.  This Sunday as we continue our journey through the Bible we pay attention to the stories of Hannah, Eli, Samuel and Saul; next week we will start looking at the famous king, David.  See you at 8, 930 or  11am . In preparation I invite you to read Chapter 10 of  The Story  or 1 Samuel 1-4, 8-13 and 15.  In these chapters we reflect on Samuel's call to be a prophet and priest.  We learn about the rise of King Saul - who turned out to be a bad choice for King; and Samuel then anointing David to be Saul's successor. For  Sunday 24 April  read chapter 11 of  The Story  or 1 Samuel 16-18; 24; 31; 2 Samuel 6; 22; 1 Chronicles 17 and Psalm 59. As we get back to the intrigue and politics of history I find it helpful to keep remembering Ruth and Boaz and how their simple faithfulness is the usual way in which God works in the world.  If you would like to catch up on last Sunday's sermon - or any others i