Pastoral Note - 2016-04-14

Hi Table View Methodist Family,

I hope you're enjoying the Autumn sunshine.  This Sunday as we continue our journey through the Bible we pay attention to the stories of Hannah, Eli, Samuel and Saul; next week we will start looking at the famous king, David.  See you at 8, 930 or 11am.

In preparation I invite you to read Chapter 10 of The Story or 1 Samuel 1-4, 8-13 and 15.  In these chapters we reflect on Samuel's call to be a prophet and priest.  We learn about the rise of King Saul - who turned out to be a bad choice for King; and Samuel then anointing David to be Saul's successor.

For Sunday 24 April read chapter 11 of The Story or 1 Samuel 16-18; 24; 31; 2 Samuel 6; 22; 1 Chronicles 17 and Psalm 59.

As we get back to the intrigue and politics of history I find it helpful to keep remembering Ruth and Boaz and how their simple faithfulness is the usual way in which God works in the world.  If you would like to catch up on last Sunday's sermon - or any others in the series most of them are now posted on our website 

Freedom Day Potjie Kos Competition Wednesday 27 April
I'm getting hungry for the Potjie Kos Competition on the morning of Freedom Day, 27 April - food will be cooked by 12pm; a serving of Potjie Kos will be R25; there will also be Boerie Rolls, a Jumping Castle and lots of fun.  Proceeds of the Potjie Kos Competition will be used to maintain our church property (roof repairs, alarm system upgrade / reprogramming... and other necessary tasks.)

Ascension Day Service and Fellowship Thursday 5 May
On the evening of Ascension day we will hold a service followed by a bring and share supper (more details to follow).  This will be a great opportunity to get to know people in the congregation.  What we want you to do is find out who sits in your seat at the other services on a Sunday morning.

'Service' Stewards
To be an effective church we need all hands on deck - they say church is like a soccer match where 40,000 people desperately in need of exerted watch 22 people desperately in need of a rest.  So we need folks to join our team of helpers and exercise their ministry of help at whichever service they most often attend.  We divide our tasks into various 'missions'.  See a brief description of some of the tasks below... You might have other ideas and you're welcome to bring them!

Speak to your Society Stewards about where you can help.
8am - Rodney Rhoda and Joe Taljaard
930am - Karin Franklin and Jacques Kellerman
11am - Busi Zigqola and Gilbert Rapoo

Small group and Bible Study Leaders, including Men's ministry, YMG and various ladies groups etc.
Sunday Scripture readers.
Worship planning, preparation and presentation.
- Banners, flower arranging, sound mixing, video presentation.

Door stewards (welcome)
Visitor greeters (give people who visit our church a call to welcome them)
Advertise - sign boards, website, newspapers, PR.
Outreach and missionary support.

Sunday School and Nursery Duty
Communication about Friday youth ministry / youth events
Youth pastor support

Pastoral Care
Communion Stewards.
Visiting and praying for the sick and distressed.
Offering prayer after the Sunday Services.
Noticing needs.
Distribution of food parcels etc. from our grocery cupboard and poor fund.

Justice and Service
Engaging social and environmental issues.
Making peace in our communities.
Help us to be 'Christian Citizens'

Catering and Hospitality
Catering for Alpha Courses etc.
Serving tea and cookies on the last Sundays of the month.
Packing food parcels for the Pastoral Care team to distribute.

Maintenance and improvement of our buildings and grounds.
Work parties.  Painting parties.
Electricians, plumbers, architects, builders, town planners...
Planning and dreaming - how can we use our land to bless the neighbourhood?
Cleaning the church when the caretaker is away.

Counting the Sunday offerings after the service.
Banking the Sunday Offerings.
Ticket and book sales administration (for fund raisers and church courses like The Story.

God bless,


Rev Angus Kelly
Tableview Methodist