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Pastoral Letter 19 May

Hi Table View Methodist Family,   First of all - thank you so much for your wonderful response to the needs of the créche at the Atlantis Methodist Church.  We were able to take one bakkie load through on Wednesday .  One of our cell groups has started making soup to be frozen in 2l containers and distributed to Atlantis on a weekly basis. ​ Our freezer / fridges at church are not in such great condition - if anyone has a spare fridge or deep freeze in good working order and you'd like to donate it to the church we will use it to store frozen soup for distribution to the Atlantis créche.  If we get too much soup I'm sure we'll be able to help other schools with their feeding programs.   This Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am we will continue with our journey through The Story, we are on Chapter 14, a Kingdom Torn in Two.  If you are following in your Bible read 1 Kings 12-16.  If you'd like to buy a copy of The Story we have a number of books in stock at

Pentecost 2016, Pastoral Note

Hi Table View Methodist Family, This coming Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.  You can read about Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2.   Jesus' disciples were gathered together (probably praying) when the Holy Spirit filled the room - and they saw what looked like tongues of flame resting on their heads. We also continue reading  The Story , we're on Chapter 13; reading about the life of King Solomon.  One of the things that Solomon did was carry out David's plans to build the temple in Jerusalem.  It was relatively small, about 90 x 30 feet.  When they had finished building the temple and were dedicating it they brought a tremendous amount of sacrifices.  2 Chronicles 7:1 tells us that: " came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the Lord filled the temple." - 2 Chronicles 7:1 St. Paul invites us to: "...present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritua