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Cape of Good Hope District Synod - Report of the Listening Committee 2016

Under the theme "A transforming discipleship movement - shaped for mission" the 187th Annual Synod of the Cape of Good Hope District of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa gathered in Namaqualand on the occasion of the bi-centenary celebrations of Methodist witness here. References to the beginning of the work of God in Namaqualand reminded synod that our business is to be in mission, aware of the real danger of becoming an institutional body that has only its own self- interest at heart. We heard the call to heed the signs and the danger of becoming a dying church. Synod heard the consistent challenge to re-discover our humanity and be a people who align with God's mission in the world. The Presiding Bishop, and the Bishop, in their addresses, challenged us to rediscover our identity and align with God's mission to the world that all may live fully human as children of God. Our Bishop, Rev Michel Hansrod, asked if we were John Wesley’s greatest nightmare, “A de