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Baptism and communion 2 October 2016

Hi Table View Methodist Family, I look forward to worshiping with you at 8, 930, 11 and 630pm this Sunday. At Baptism I ask the congregation to preach this sermon to those being baptized: For you Jesus Christ came into the world; for you he lived and showed God's love; for you he suffered death on the Cross; for you he triumphed over death, rising to newness of life; for you he prays at God's right hand: all this for you, before you could know anything of it. In your Baptism, the word of Scripture is fulfilled: 'We love, because God first loved us.' It is important that these words are not just words - but that they define our ministry as a congregation.  Our attitude to those whom we meet - those whom we baptize. For each person we see we must remember: For you Jesus Christ came into the world...  If we treated people like we knew that - the world would be a better place. We'll be baptizing and c

Pastoral Note - The Teaching of Jesus

Hi Table View Methodist Family,   I look forward to worshiping with you at 8am , 930am, 11am and 630pm this coming Sunday .  Everyone is always welcome.  Our 930am service and 11am African Language + English service both have Sunday School. Our society's vision / mission statement is:   We want to be more like Jesus, we need all the help we can get.   This Sunday I want to talk about the teachings of Jesus - and I've got about 20 minutes to do it; so I won't be able to cover everything he said.  I'll look at the Beatitudes of Matthew 5-7 and I invite you to read through them before Sunday .   Do we take Jesus advice?  Do we really want to be more like Jesus?  Is it even possible?   The good news is that the help we need is offered to us through the Holy Spirit, through the scriptures and through the community that surrounds us and helps us to be the people we were created to be. If you want to catch up on recent sermons go to this