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Pastoral Note - 11 November 2016

Hi Table View Methodist Family, I'll be with you this Sunday at 8 and 930, Mzimkhulu Seroto will lead the service at 11am.  I'll be talking about the book of Revelation this Sunday as we come to end of The Story . Don't forget the Men's Conference 26 November , the Craft Market on 3 December and our Annual Society Meeting on 19 November at 8am. Please keep myself and our local preachers in your prayers as we head up to Vredenberg for our last Local Preacher's Quarterly Meeting of the year on Saturyda - Pray for the 83 local preachers that serve our circuit, preaching the Word of God in diverse places every Sunday. In other news: What and interesting world we live in - Donald Trump is America's President Elect.  Nobody is really sure what this means because although he has said a lot of things - he doesn't seem to have much solid policy - or policy experience.  From what we do know, via the media is that he has pandered towar

Pastoral Note 3 November 2016

Hi Table View Methodist Family, I look forward to sharing communion and worshiping with you this Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am. See below for:  Men's Conference 26 November & Christmas Craft Market 3 December, also a video of our church from 1993-2003. Baptism, Confirmation and Reception into Membership This Sunday at all of our services we will be celebrating reception into Membership.  Membership of the Methodist Church is: ...based upon a personal experience of the Lord Jesus Christ, brought about by the Spirit, ranging from the earliest signs of Divine Grace in the soul to its crowning blessedness in the joy of ‘perfect love’, and upon a sharing of such gifts of grace with others seeking or enjoying a similar experience. All persons are welcomed into membership who sincerely desire to be saved from their sins through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and show the same in life and conduct, and who seek to have communion with Christ H