Living one moment at a time....

Hi Table View Methodist,
This week we will reflect on the lines of the Serenity Prayer:
Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time.
Jesus tells us:

“So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today."
- Matthew 6:34
It is becoming increasingly difficult to 'live in the moment' - our phones, computers, radios, televisions exist to distract us from where we are.  And when we are so distracted we forget to notice God's presence, God's nudge, God's love.
I look forward to worshipping with you at 8 and 930; at 11h00 we will be visited by Tapiwa Jiri, a local preacher from the Dunoon Society.  He might bring a small choir with him (if we get the logistics right) so the service should be doubly blessed.
Remember that children will be following the same curriculum as adults in their Sunday School lessons this SundaySunday School is available from age 3 - if the church is too loud and noisy for infants we have a baby room at the back of the church and the loudspeaker has been repaired.
If you would like to catch up on the Serenity Prayer Sermons - or share them with friends, they are available at

Covenant Service 5 February
Please begin to prepare yourselves for our prayers of surrender to God as participate in our anual covenant service on Sunday 5 February.
Alpha Course 16 February (See full dates at end of email)
All those interested in helping with the upcoming Alpha course; all small group leaders and anyone else who wants to come along is invited to an Alpha Course planning meeting this coming Thursday at 7pm.
We will be handing paper sign up sheets around on Sunday mornings until Alpha begins - but if you're more technically inclined please Sign up for Alpha online.
I would love for all of our small groups to support the Alpha Course - if you're a regular group suspend your meetings for the weeks that we run Alpha and join us.  You will get to know new people in the church and you will get a chance to minister to new people.
For all the alpha course dates, please see the end of this email.
Database Details
For many of our members, we only have email, cell phone, and names.  Some names are misspelt; some cell numbers are outdated. Refiling your details online will help us to clear up most of the mistakes before we update on paper.
I know it is not something that you like to think about but we are often the people that you end up calling on in a time of crisis.  Some of the details we don't have for everybody are the name and number of a next-of-kin or the names of some friends in the congregation that would be able to help us to care for you in those times.
Leadership Assignments
Our Society Stewards had their first Society Executive Meeting on Tuesday - and we have assigned the following stewards to 'steward' the following ministries of the church.

Please note this does not mean that they do all of the work in these ministries - they simply help to co-ordinate the work of these ministries in collaboration with the whole church and help us to report to the Circuit and Society on the various ministries at TVMC.
Welcome - Gilbert Rapoo (11 am)
Discipleship - Xolisa Mnyanda (11 am)
Pastoral Care - Nicollette Ford (930am)
Justice and Service - Rodney Rhoda (8 am)
Youth - Sharon Wood (8 am)
Family - Nkanenyana Madisha (11 am)
Catering and Hospitality - Jacques Kellerman (930am)
Property - Karin Franklin - (930am)
Finance - Alisha Sadler-Almeida (Treasurer, 930am)
Admin and Communication - Mandy Coetzee (8 am)
Please uphold them in your prayers.  If you need to reach any of these people please contact them via the church office.
God bless,
(Minister at Table View Methodist)
Also please diarise 17 March for our planned Welsh Choir Concert (Details to be confirmed).
PS Alpha Dates:
16 Feb - Is there more to life than this?
23 Feb - Who is Jesus?
2 Mar - Why did Jesus Die?
9 Mar - How can I have faith?
16 Mar - Why and how do I pray?
23 Mar - Why and how should I read the Bible?
30 Mar - How does God guide us?
1 Apr (Saturday from 8-4pm) -
8-930am Who is the Holy Spirit?
10-1130am What does the Holy Spirit do?
12-130pm How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?
230-330 pm How can I make the most of the rest of my life?
6 Apr - Why and how should I tell others?
20 Apr - How can I resist evil?
4 May - Does God heal today?
11 May - What about the church? and Closing celebration.