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Happy Easter

Hi Table View Methodist Family,   This Sunday Often when bad things happen we try to explain with: "It must have been God's will." This is not usually the correct answer.  Imagine if someone went around telling all sorts of people about the things that they believe you intended to do, but you didn't actually do them.  Imagine you were blamed for poverty and disease, for everything that went wrong in the world?   Over the next few weeks we will be discussing "The Will of God" in our Sunday Services.  For my research I will be using two very well written books:  "Why?" by Rev Adam Hamilton and a much older book entitled "The Will of God" by Leslie Weatherhead.   I look forward to worshiping with you  this Sunday at 8 , 930 and 11.   Alpha Course this Thursday   The Alpha Course resumes this Thursday with the topic:  "How can I resist evil?"  Anyone is welcome to join us; it is never too late!   Easter Services - T

Easter Sunday Service

Our Easter Sunday Services are 630am and 930am Only. Here are the words for our 630am service so that you can follow on your cell phone or tablet.  We will also print some copies for the 'grown ups' :) Table View Methodist Easter Sunday Sunrise Service 2017-04-18 Sunrise Service Welcome Welcome to our celebration of the resurrection.  We welcome you in the name of Jesus which means that no matter who you are - or where you are in your faith and life journey you are welcome here; because Jesus welcomes you. The service will be conducted in English, isiXhosa and some other languages.  This is a sign of our unity under Christ being united in different languages is an act of worship in itself.  At some points in the service you might not understand the words, prayers or hymns - in those moments lift up your personal prayers to God.   At other points there is translation provided - sing along, hum along, use your imagination to help you enter into the worship.