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Ascension Day 9am, Potjie Kos - Saturday 1230pm

Hi Table View Methodist Family, We've got a busy week ahead with our Potjie Kos Competition on Saturday; and Ascension Day - our Ascension Day Service is on Thursday at 9am. Ascension Day (Thursday 25, 9am) Rev Trevor Ruthenberg (one of our retired ministers) will preach at the Ascension Day service.  We will be joined by the folks from the Table View United Church; last year they invited us to join them there.  There will be a light tea after the service. Ascension Day is celebrated 40 days after Easter Sunday - in accordance with the tradition of Acts 1:3 which describes Jesus ascending to heaven and instructing the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  We celebrate Pentecost on Sunday 3 June. Potjie Kos (Saturday 27th 1230pm) (R30 per serving) We will be having our Potjie Kos competition this Saturday; cooking starts at 830 and serving at 1230pm.  You're free to prepare your potjie at home if you want to and b