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Sideways Church, Sermon Series, Prayer and Praise Evening...

Hi Table View Methodist Family, This Sunday:   Jacob's brother, Esau, wanted to kill him.  Jacob's parents told him to flee - alone in the wilderness, afraid of his own family he lies down to sleep.  He has a dream; a ladder set up between heaven and earth, angels ascending and descending. A reminder - that wherever we go, God is always there.  Are you mindful of God's presence?  Do you pay attention to God's Holy Spirit?  Do you see what God is doing?   I see that ladder in the work of our knitting group who shared blankets with babies in Tygerberg hospital, our care bears group who are making up disaster buckets to be distributed when houses are raised in fires.  We see that ladder in a community that cares for one another.  We see that ladder when we stop in our busyness to pray - to re-set our minds and hearts to God. (Gnatty knitters sharing blankets at Tygerberg hospital) ​ If we know that God is with us through our most harrowing experienc