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Antidotes for the Out of Control Life

In September 2017 Table View Methodist will be following the series 'Antidotes for the Out of Control Life' this series is based on a series preached by Rev Adam Hamilton at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection ( 3/9 - Slowing Down in a Hurry up World - Sermon - Study Guide 10/9 - Remember Rule #6 - Sermon - Study Guide 17/9 - Finding Peace in a High Anxiety World - Sermon - Study Guide 24/9 - Why less is usually more - Sermon - Study Guide

Pastoral Note - 11 August 2017

Hi Table View Methodist Family, Thank you for allowing me some time off to get my bearings. Small aeroplanes have little mirrors on the wing.  The pilot can look out on the wing and get a view of his aeroplane; I'm not sure what they would look for?  Are the wheels down or up?  Is the plane still in one piece?  Or maybe its just for taking selfies.  Such a simple tool for doing an important job. ​ ​On Sunday 30 July I had an experience at the Dunoon Society that traumatized me more than I realized.  I'm not a tough guy (although I might some times do an unconvincing job of pretending to be).  I don't believe my experience was dangerous; I know that the peace and love of Christ goes with me wherever I go.  But some people tried to intimidate me, preventing me from preaching and serving communion.   I thought I was OK after the event, but Heather (my wife) saw that I was not.  I took my day off on Monday and wrote down a report for my bishop on Tuesday. On Tue