Deliver us from Evil - Sermon Series

During the month of October we will be reflecting on Ephesians 6:10-20.

1 October - Not Against Flesh and Blood - Sermon - Study Notes
8 October - The Belt of Truth - Sermon - Study Notes
15 October - The Shield of Faith and the Helmet of Salvation - Sermon - Study Notes
22 October - The Breastplate of Righteousness - Sermon - Study Notes
29 October - Shoes and Sword - Sermon - Study Notes

Pastoral Note from Rev Angus Kelly 14 September 2017

Hi Table View Methodist Family,

This Sunday we look forward to a visit from Rev Michelle Schrader who serves at the Central Methodist Mission in Cape Town (Just next to Green Market Square).  I will lead worship and Michelle will preach at 8, 930 and 11am on the topic:

Finding Peace in a High Anxiety World

Over the past two weeks we have been looking at the topic:  Antidotes to the Out of Control Life; you can access the sermons on the church website via or click through the links below:

3/9 - Slowing Down in a Hurry up World - Sermon - Study Guide
10/9 - Remember Rule #6 - Sermon - Study Guide
17/9 - Finding Peace in a High Anxiety World - Sermon - Study Guide
24/9 - Why less is usually more - Sermon - Study Guide

Remember that each week we will also hand out a short study guide for you to use in your private devotions - or preferably with a small group.

These study guides are also available via the above links.

Thanks from the Wesley Guild

Dear TVMC Family

We would like to send our outmost appreciation to the congregation for helping us with donations for our girls hamper drive. We donated 25 hampers to young girls in Lingelethu, Malmesbury during our mini-circuit consultation which took place on 1-3 September. We would like this initiative to be an ongoing thing as Gods work never stops.

Deuteronomy 15:10 
"Give freely to the poor person, and do not wish that you didn't have to give. The Lord your God will bless your work and everything you touch."

Wesley Guild (Table View Society)

Poor Fund / Love Boxes

On Communion Sundays we take up an offering for our Poor Fund / Love Fund.  These funds are spent on behalf of the congregation by the Communion Stewards and the Minister.  On principal we use the money to buy basic food and toiletries to make up love boxes for those in need.  Although these boxes do not contain luxuries they can help a family to meet their basic needs for a week.

If you are in need, or if you know of someone who is in need we would like to help you by providing a love box.  Please speak to the communion stewards / helpers at your respective service, your requests will be treated in the strictest confidence:

8am - Anne Stolke, Maureen Williams, Maria Kobrinowski
930am - Tamra Dierdricks, Cheryl and Hilton Madden, Edmond Deane
11am - Pumla Hashe, Johannah Keikelame
"So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith." - Galatians 6:10
Junior and Senior Youth This Friday
Junior Band Practice will happen at 5pm, Junior Youth at 530pm and Senior Youth at 730pm.
God bless,

Pastoral Note - This Sunday, Remember Rule #6

Hi Table View Methodist Family,

This Sunday

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday at 8, 930 and 11am.   This Sunday we continue our sermon series:  Antidotes for the out of Control Life.

Sermon Audio from last Sunday is available on the church website; or you can click through here:

3/9 - Slowing Down in a Hurry up World - Sermon - Study Guide
10/9 - Remember Rule #6 - Sermon - Study Guide

The scriptures for this Sunday are:   Exodus 18:13-26 and Luke 10:25-37.

Please use the study guide, provided in the notices or available at this link for your further study.  One of the nice things about listening to the sermons on line is if you click in the bottom right hand side of the video you can speed up the preacher!

I hope and pray that this sermon series will encourage us to slow down - to find our peace in God - and even if busyness is unavoidable; we will learn and discover ways of being present to God.

Next Sunday we will be privileged to host Rev Michelle Schrader who will be visiting us from the Central Methodist Mission in Cape Town.  Her topic will be: "Finding peace in a High Anxiety World"

Food Fair 25 September and Ladies Breakfast 7 October

Please remember our food fair on Monday 25 September.  These events are more fun raiser than fun(d) raiser - it is a wonderful opportunity for us to work as a team and get to know each other in the congregation.  Please diarise it - and come Hungary!

Our Ladies Breakfast is 7 October - R30 for a full breakfast and inspirational talk from Rev Merilyn Innes. 

Youth and Youth Band

I look forward to practicing with the junior youth musicians and singers on Friday evening from 5pm.

Junior Youth is from 530pm to 7pm (Grade 1-6) and Senior Youth from 730-930pm (Grade 7 up).

Music Team

Our music team could use your voice and your talents.  Please contact the office or speak to one of the band on Sunday if you would like to join us for practice.  It will be especially good if we have a full compliment of singers on Sunday mornings - you can join us for either the 8 or the 930 services.

Following these links you can now see which songs we have planned, and listen to them on  8am Service Plan930am Service Plan (The YouTube videos can use a lot of data.)

God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly

Office Email Office Phone 0215571143


Rev Angus Kelly
Tableview Methodist

Pastoral Note - 3 September

Hi Table View Methodist Family,
On 3 September we will begin our sermon series:  Antidotes for the Out of Control Life:
This series is based on a series preached by Rev Adam Hamilton at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection (
3/9 - Slowing Down in a Hurry up World - Study Guide
10/9 - Remember Rule #6
17/9 - Finding Peace in a High Anxiety World
24/9 - Why less is usually more
Every week there will be a study guide in your notices and available online  The study guide includes some homework exercises and some discussion questions for small group work. 
Why not get some friends together?  Or do the discussion guide with your family / spouse some time during the week?
UPDATE YOUR DETAILS - If you haven't yet done so please update your details for our new database.
This Sunday we will also receive communion together.  Because of the new seating arrangement we will receive communion by 'intinction'.  
This means that servers will stand at the front of the church. 
- The first server will hand you a wafer with the words: "The body of Christ." (Don't eat the wafer.)
Move to the next server and dip the bottom third of the wafer into the cup as the server says "The blood of Christ".
Then eat the wafer.
(If you eat the wafer before you have dipped it don't worry the server can give you another wafer.)
I hope to have the rail up by the next communion service.  Please let me know if you're handy with tools and woodwork - we might need to organize a work party in the next few weeks.  Sometime today or next week we will receive about 20 good quality pallets that will make a solid foundation for our new platform.
Building Rearrangements
One of our members who is an architect is going to help with proper drawings and renderings that will help us to see what we can do with our building.  I've made a youtube video for you to look at too, you will find it at or (here).
The plan is:
1 - Make our 'hall' look and feel more like a church.
2 - Open doors on the left and right for access to the memorial garden and what will become a fellowship garden on the right.
3 - If we need to expand seating we can build a gallery and expand into the youth room area.
We are blessed on some occasions to be filled to capacity at our 930am service.  Expanding seating into a gallery is much cheaper than building a bigger building but all suggestions are welcome for more discernment and prayer.
Youth Group Tonight
There is junior youth tonight at 530pm.  Senior youth will be traveling through to Edgemead to meet with the youth at St Marks Methodist.  You're welcome to contact Iain for more details.

There will be no junior worship team practice tonight - I have overcommitted myself this weekend.  Sorry.  We will meet again next Friday at 430pm.
Wesley Guild Consultation

The Circuit Wesley Guild Consultation takes place this weekend at Lingelethu (Malmesbury).  We will be confirming and robing new guilders on Saturday afternoon.  Please pray our guilders will be inspired and blessed this weekend - that God would speak to each of them through the power of the Holy Spirit, that they would be set free to work for the coming of The Kingdom of God in our circuit.

Ladies Breakfast
Rev Merilyn Innes will address our ladies breakfast on 7 October, tickets are R30 available at church on Sunday.
God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly

Rev Angus Kelly
Tableview Methodist