Learning to Pray with the Bible's Leading Characters

Icon of Jesus' parable about the prayer of the
Pharisee and the Tax Collector - Luke 18:9-14

For the Sundays in Lent we will focus on learning lessons in prayer from the Bible's Leading Characters (As far as possible I will ask our visiting preachers to help with the theme, but it is not always practical for them to do so):

18 Feb - Moses a Friend of God - Sermon - Study Notes
25 Feb - Elijah - a man, just like us. - Sermon - Study Notes
4 Mar - David - His thirst, our wellspring - Sermon - Study Notes
11 Mar - Paul - Passage and Perseverance in Praying
18 Mar - Jesus - Listening to Jesus with the Disciples
25 Mar - Palm Sunday - Learning to Pray from the Master Himself

[I will be drawing on Rev Adam Hamilton's Series preached in 2010 for some inspiration - you're welcome to listen to his sermons here.]