630, 8 and 930am - Easter Services

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On Easter Sunday we remember the empty tomb.  The weather looks good for our Sunrise service at 630am.  There will be Easter Eggs.  And there will be communion.

There will also be a communion services inside the church at 8am and at 930am.  All our services simply move 90 minutes earlier on Easter Sunday.  Please remember to tell your friends.

Good Friday 30 March


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On Friday you can join us from 8-9am or from 930-12am or for both services as we remember the crucifixion.

Our 8am service will follow the liturgy of the nails of the cross.  You can click through to read the liturgy here.

At our 930am service we will remember the seven words of Jesus on the cross:

1 - Luke 22:34 - Father forgive them
   Gilbert Khoza
2 - Luke 23:43 - Today you will be with me in paradise
   Edmond Deane
3 - John 19:26-27 - Women here is your son.  Here is your mother
   Trevor Ruthenberg
4 - Matthew 27:46 - My God, my God, why have you forsaken me
   Iain Uys
5 - John 19:28 - I thirst
   Isaac Rubaiya
6 - John 19:30 - It is finished
   Mbulelo Bikwani
7 - Luke 23:46 - Father, into your hands I commend my spirit
   Rev Angus Kelly

Each reflection will be about 7 minutes long, followed by a worship song or hymn and a time of silence for prayer.

Take off Your Shoes - Tenebrae

When Moses spotted a burning bush in the wilderness the first thing God said to him:

“Come no closer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.”
- Exodus 3:5

I wonder if God knew that Moses might get scared and run away.  Taking off your shoes slows you down.

If you're in town for the Easter Weekend I hope you will join us in worship.  Our service starts this evening (Thursday 7pm) and ends on Sunday morning, if you are away this weekend, or can't make it to some of the services; read through the following and join us 'in spirit'.


Take off your Shoes

Reading John 13:1-20

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Our first act will be to come to church and take off our shoes.

It slows you down.

We will wash feet.
Or you can wash your hands.
Or you can sit and pray.
Remember how Jesus washes us taking away our sins.  Serving us with love and calling us to serve with love.

Take, eat; this is my body

We will share communion.

Remembering how Jesus feeds us.
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Reading John 18:1-27 we will leave the service in silence and darkness.  Remembering how Jesus was betrayed by his disciples.

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