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Pastoral Note - 14 September 2018

Hi Table View Methodist Family,

This Sunday Rev Trevor Ruthenberg will lead us at our 8 and 930am services; Rev Galethlokwe Sesele will leed our 11am service; the 11am service will be a Thanksgiving (Rhona) service as we remember those whom we have loved and lost.

This means that this Sunday we will take a break from the Nehemiah Sermon Series.

Trevor's readings for this Sunday are Proverbs 1:22-31 and Mark 8:27-38.

Recap of the Nehemiah Series

In the first sermon we see how Nehemiah knows what God is calling him to:

He is deeply saddened by the situation of the people in Jerusalem.  He spends months praying about the issue - and in the end speaks to Xerxes; the King of Persia; the King asks three important questions that might help us to know what God calls us to:

1 - What makes you sad? (Sometimes the things that disturb or worry us are a call to action)
2 - What do you need? (We might not realise that what we need to make a difference is not much at all.
3 - How much time do you need? (Maybe you need to alot 30 minutes a week; or some small amount of time to making a difference in some small way).

In the second sermon we saw how Nehemiah approaches the task.  He doesn't rush in - he takes time to assess the situation and then he takes action.  He is able to inspire the people of Jerusalem to work with him by testifying to what God has already done.  And by partnering with them; not commanding them - but sharing their pain and their dreams.

Sermon Series (New Dates)

Nehemiah 1:1-2:8
1 God’s Plan:
Envisioning a New Future
Nehemiah 2:11-20
2 God’s People:
Working Together
Nehemiah 4:1-23
(ref Nehemiah 5)
3 God’s Victory:
Overcoming Opposition
Nehemiah 5:1-14
4 God’s Way:Do what’s right!
Nehemiah 8:9-12 & 10:28-39
5 God is Good:
Celebrating God’s Faithfulness


Thank you again for your tremendous support of the church fete - we managed to raise R25,000 and are now able with the help of your generous support and donations upgrade our AV and begin our project to upgrade the sanctuary.  Please bear with us over the next month or so as we ensure that we get the best deals on the equipment we need and make sure that we do what is right for our church.

If you can help with some carpentry, woodwork; if you're handy with a hammer, a soldering iron, a welding torch - and available please tell Di at the office so she can furnish Karin (our property steward) with your details in case we need you...

BIG thanks to Doreen and the Tuesday Ladies Fellowship who co-ordinated the bulk of the work.

And also a big thanks to those who contributed to the busker (me) you put R540 in my plate!! (Just to be clear - the money went to the fete and not to me :)

God bless,
See you next Sunday (23 September) as we continue our Nehemiah series.
This Sunday I'm at Brooklyn 8am, Plumstead Methodist 9am and Goodwood 630pm - Brooklyn will end without me and Plumstead will start without me.