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Bacon and Egg after 845 Service

Minister’s Blog Hi Table View Methodist Family, This week's text from Galatians: How can we be led by the Holy Spirit? The Psalmist writes:   I praise the Lord, because he guides me and in the night my conscience warns me.  I am always aware of the Lord’s presence; he is near, and nothing can shake me. - Psalm 16:7-8 Paul writes in Galatians 5:16:   ...let the Spirit direct your lives. Breakfast After the 845 service this Sunday the men’s group will be serving bacon and egg rolls!  Please be sure to join us. Pledges  Please continue to fill in our pledge forms.  Remember that your name is in no way associated with your pledge - all we can see on our side is the pledge number that you can read off the pledge form.  The same number is printed at the top and on the bottom of the page.  If you write your unique number on your envelope or use it as a reference when you give by EFT we will be able to add it to our report. As it stands we have about R45,000 pledge

Pastoral Note for 30 June 2019

Hi Table View Methodist Family, Please excuse the early note; Don't forget that church is still at 845am & 11am this Sunday 30 June and next Sunday 7 July.  I would really love to hear your feedback on how it works to have church at 845am - I've really enjoyed having a extra few minutes to connect; but I would like to know if you haven't been able to make the odd time due to family or work commitments. We will continue to serve tea and coffee after the service but this Sunday morning there will be bacon and egg rolls after the service .  Another excuse to stay for a while and talk to the people you worship with. I'm sorry to share with you the sad news that Julie Cummins, one of Table View Methodist Church's founding members passed away on Friday evening; we will hold a memorial service for her tomorrow (Wednesday 26 June) at 2pm. Also please keep Rev Trevor Bosman in your prayers; he had a fall last week and has had to go in for a hip replacement.  I he