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Bacon and Egg after 845 Service

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Hi Table View Methodist Family,
This week's text from Galatians:

How can we be led by the Holy Spirit?
The Psalmist writes:  I praise the Lord, because he guides me and in the night my conscience warns me.  I am always aware of the Lord’s presence; he is near, and nothing can shake me.
- Psalm 16:7-8
Paul writes in Galatians 5:16:
  ...let the Spirit direct your lives.


After the 845 service this Sunday the men’s group will be serving bacon and egg rolls!  Please be sure to join us.


 Please continue to fill in our pledge forms.  Remember that your name is in no way associated with your pledge - all we can see on our side is the pledge number that you can read off the pledge form.  The same number is printed at the top and on the bottom of the page.  If you write your unique number on your envelope or use it as a reference when you give by EFT we will be able to add it to our report.
As it stands we have about R45,000 pledged each month of our budget of R110,000 (our ideal budget is R125,000).  Please continue to give generously.


Our telephones are back online!!!  You can call us on 021 557 1143.  Our new system also allows the office to put you through to my cell phone if I am available.  Also, if you phone and leave a message your voice message will reach the secretary by e-mail.  Unfortunately with the telkom system we were missing our voice messages - and missing some calls.

Monday - Read Psalm 16

Verse 7 reminds us that God is always guiding us:
7 I praise the Lord, because he guides me,
   and in the night my conscience warns me.

In verse 8 the Psalmist speaks of his experience and attention to God's voice; but we know that sometimes we stop listening.
8 I am always aware of the Lord's presence;
   he is near, and nothing can shake me.


Lord help me to slow down and pay attention.

Tuesday - Read 1 Kings 19:15-16 7 19-21

Elisha is obviously quite a successful farmer; lots of oxen to plow a large field.  But when he is called to the ministry he burns the yoke and braais the oxen - not to feed himself; but to feed the community.  When we offer ourselves to God so that God can use us we often do things selfishly - hoping for praise or reward.  Elisha shows us how to give and give generously of his life - and of his goods.


Lord you know how often we resent doing good; or offering ourselves - help us to follow you completely with all that we are and all that we have.  

Wednesday - Read Galatians 5:1 & 13-25

Paul says in verse 16: "What I say is this: let the Spirit direct your lives..."  The question for all of us is "How?"
Listening to the Spirit is as natural as breathing; not listening is a habit we learn.  We learn it by saying no; by filling our heads with other busyness.  All the busyness produces the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit that we need.


Holy Spirit direct my life.

Thursday - Luke 9:51-62

I love the metaphor Jesus uses in verse 62:
62 Jesus said to him, “Anyone who starts to plow and then keeps looking back is of no use for the Kingdom of God.”
On one level I like the metaphor because ploughing is only a small part of the whole job of planting, watering, growing... there is only so much that we can control.  The ploughing and planting.  God handles the rest.
So the small job of ploughing needs to be done with ernest attention.  Deep and straight.


Keep my eyes on you Jesus.

Friday - Read Luke 10:1-11 & 16-20


Jesus invites his disciples to go where they are wanted.  How often have we turned away those who have come to bring us an important message from God?


Lord teach me to welcome you and your servants.