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Some News, Should Churches Open? & Last Night's Bible Study

Hi Table View Methodist Church Family, With Heather having gone back to school I’m now the homeschool tutor.  I do OK with Maths but I’m not...

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Cake Sale Sunday, Boerie Rolls Friday 5-8pm & Thank you for your patience...

Hi Table View Methodist,

R25 For Boerie Roll, R15 for Cooldrink
Between 845 & 11am Service

Yesterday (Thursday) I finally handed in my thesis; 150 pages on the topic: Is that your (real) child? Adopted: The Sacrament of Belonging.  For those who are interested in these things here is the abstract (a short summary of the thesis), for those who aren't just skip past this bit:

Abstract: Is that your (real) child?  Adopted: The Sacrament of BelongingIs it possible to call the relationship between adoptive parents and adopted children real in the sense that a sacrament is real? This study is a reflection on Kelley Nikondeha’s book Adopted: The Sacrament of Belonging in a Fractured World (2017). Through qualitative analysis and reflection on available media and literature this study will explore: a) Some of the circumstances that lead to relinquishment through abortion, and abandonment, or to belonging through foster care and adoption in South Africa. b) Perceptions and ethical controversies related to the history and practice of transcultural and international adoptions. Through theological analysis and reflection on literature suited to the South African context it will explore the narrative aspects of Desmond Mpilo Tutu’s Ubuntu theology and practice and Methodist Theological Ethics as described by Stanley Hauerwas and D Stephen Long (2011). Exploration of these theological frameworks will yield three connecting themes namely blessing, belonging and progressing outlining a theology characterised by a positive ontology, an inclusive ethic and imminent eschatology. This framework of blessing, belonging and progressing will be used as a lens through which to reflect on Kelley Nikondeha’s narrative in order to understand the possibility of calling ‘the relationship between adopted parents and adopted children real in the sense that a sacrament is real.’
These last few weeks have been pretty exhausting, I've been writing from 6am to 11pm most days but I've learned a lot and hopefully done some helpful research for my field of study.  Now that the thesis is finally handed in I look forward to an exam on the thesis and then graduation in March at Stellenbosch University.  I can't 'publish' the thesis until it has been marked but if you'd like to read it (it's a bit technical, I will write a 'reader's version' in the future) please speak to me.
I couldn't have done it without your patience, I'm looking forward to having more time for the important stuff like visiting, chatting and being creative :)
This Sunday
I'm looking forward to sharing communion with you at 845 and 11am.  There will be cakes on sale after the 845am service and we will be having a bring and share meal after the 11am service which will be a special service of thanksgiving.  11am service is invited to come in traditional dress.
Boerie Rolls
On Friday night from 5pm to 8pm Boerie Rolls will be on sale at the church for R25 each.  Buy yourself some and why not phone a friend and tell them you'll be delivering boerie rolls to their house.  Cooldrinks will also be on sale for R15.  Please support our men from the 11am service in this fund raising effort!
Advent Sermons
On 1, 15 and 22 December I will preach on the themes:  Blessing, Belonging and Progressing / Faith, Love and Hope as we prepare for Christmas Day on 25 December.
Our Christmas Day Services will be at 745 and 9am.
Christmas Carols 6 December
There will be a Christmas Carols service with Sunday School pantomime on Friday 6 December.  I will confirm times on Sunday and inform you by email during the week.

God bless,
Rev Angus Kelly