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Pastoral Note for 3 February 2020

Dear Table View Methodist Family,  I look forward to worshipping with you and sharing communion at our 8h45am service on Sunday. There will be no communion at the 11h00am service because we shared communion as a part of our covenant service on 19 January. I will continue speaking about The Renovation of the Heart from a book by Dallas Willard. In the first sermon I spoke about the nature of the soul and our inversion of priorities that results in so much damage to ourselves and to the world around us. In the second sermon I spoke about the need for us to acknowledge the reality of sin and the damage it causes in our lives. This Sunday the chapter I’m working from is entitled: Radical Goodness Restored to the Soul;  a reminder of the possibility of real change and transformation.  Willard’s chapter begins:  “One of the amazing things about the human being is that it is capable of restoration, and indeed of a restoration that makes it somehow more magnificent because

Pastoral Note 24 Jan 2019

Dear Table View Methodist Family, I didn't make a note of the day that I sent the kids out into the garden with a packet of watermelon seeds.  I just said plant them in sunny places near the sprinklers so they get lots of water.  Then there were small shoots and I wasn't sure whether they were weeds or watermelons - but eventually a recogniseable leaf emerged a long stem became a vine; flowers and now fruit is slowly starting to take shape.  I'm not sure if they will go all the way - but I am enjoying the process...  A little bit of gardening is reminding me of something that is easy to forget in our busy city lives.  That life is a miracle that comes from God.  The tiny seed somehow produces delicious fruit and beautiful flowers from sunshine, water and soil.  For the plant to bear good fruit it needs good roots and good soil. Our lives keep us from becoming 'rooted' the bustle from home to work and back again from school to extra-mural and homework (a