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Good Friday Services Online

Good Friday Hi Tableview Methodist Church Family, It is 530am on Good Friday and I just got up to upload the church service to YouTube and Facebook.  I'm so glad we can reach each other in this way.  Its been quite amazing to see so many of my colleagues on Facebook uploading their services and struggling with the new way of doing things with new technology and so we pray for our clergy everywhere who all become televangelists and digital content producers in the last few weeks :) If technology co-operates you will be able to watch our service on Facebook or Youtube from 8am. The Easter Sunday Service should be broadcast from 7am on Sunday Morning.  The nice thing about technology is... you can watch these services any time after they are available.  So, if you slept in - its OK you can watch now. God bless you with lots of love and peace. Rev Gus Service via Youtube Link to our   Youtube   Good Friday Service, you will be able to watch from 8am on Fr

Should we keep calm and carry on?

Should we keep calm and carry on? - Rev Angus Kelly In 1939 the British government introduced this poster in preparation for World War 2.  They produced 2.45 million copies and yet the poster was rarely displayed: "Keep Calm and Carry On" is a typically stiff upper lipped stoic response to the difficulties that we face.  Right now I think everyone is doing their best to keep calm and to carry on as if everything was normal.  But it is not normal. When we realised that we had to reduce the numbers at church and then probably shut the church's doors for a bit the first thing on my mind was to try to keep things as 'normal' as possible.  I wanted to film the church service at the pulpit - using the usual format for the service.  I've also tried really hard to get video and voice messages from folks at church to keep us feeling 'connected'.   Work continues for many people as if it were normal.  Instead of meeting in board rooms we

Pastoral Note 2 April 2020

Hi Tableview Methodist Church Family, I hope and pray that you are doing as well as can be expected at a time like this.  And I want to let you know that its OK to be 'not OK' because God has got this.  Even if your faith at the moment is not enough to be able to say 'God has got this' - the comforting news is it does not depend on your faith.  It depends on God's love. It really has been a whirlwind of a time though.  Since news of the lockdown and all the stress and turmoil to this point you might not have had much of a chance to let it all sink in.  Tomorrow will mark the end of the first week in lock down.  1/3rd of the way through... Well done. I know that many of our church members form part of the essential services necessary to keep things going and respond to the crisis.  We're keeping you in our prayers. Video Services I'm getting the hang of this 'video' church thing and I am sure that the learning curve is getting