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Some News, Should Churches Open? & Last Night's Bible Study

Hi Table View Methodist Church Family, With Heather having gone back to school I’m now the homeschool tutor.  I do OK with Maths but I’m not...

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Good Friday Services Online

Good Friday

Hi Tableview Methodist Church Family,

It is 530am on Good Friday and I just got up to upload the church service to YouTube and Facebook.  I'm so glad we can reach each other in this way.  Its been quite amazing to see so many of my colleagues on Facebook uploading their services and struggling with the new way of doing things with new technology and so we pray for our clergy everywhere who all become televangelists and digital content producers in the last few weeks :)

If technology co-operates you will be able to watch our service on Facebook or Youtube from 8am.

The Easter Sunday Service should be broadcast from 7am on Sunday Morning.  The nice thing about technology is... you can watch these services any time after they are available.  So, if you slept in - its OK you can watch now.

God bless you with lots of love and peace.

Rev Gus
Service via Youtube
Link to our Youtube Good Friday Service, you will be able to watch from 8am on Friday Morning.
Service via Facebook
Link to Facebook Good Friday Service, you will be able to watch from 8am on Friday Morning. (You shouldn't have to log in to watch this).
Apparently DSTV has also launched an African Easter channel.  If you have DSTV you can watch an address by our Presiding Bishop Purity Malinga at 1230pm on Good Friday.  I believe our General Secretary, Rev Michel Hansrod will be on at 6h30 on Sunday (Check your schedules because I am not sure of these details).

The Northern Cluster of the Cape West Coast Circuit will be broadcasting the Service of Seven Words online:

You should be able to follow via;

God bless you until Sunday 7am :)

Rev Gus