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Some News, Should Churches Open? & Last Night's Bible Study

Hi Table View Methodist Church Family, With Heather having gone back to school I’m now the homeschool tutor.  I do OK with Maths but I’m not...

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Pastoral Note 2 April 2020

Hi Tableview Methodist Church Family,

I hope and pray that you are doing as well as can be expected at a time like this.  And I want to let you know that its OK to be 'not OK' because God has got this.  Even if your faith at the moment is not enough to be able to say 'God has got this' - the comforting news is it does not depend on your faith.  It depends on God's love.

It really has been a whirlwind of a time though.  Since news of the lockdown and all the stress and turmoil to this point you might not have had much of a chance to let it all sink in.  Tomorrow will mark the end of the first week in lock down.  1/3rd of the way through...

Well done.

I know that many of our church members form part of the essential services necessary to keep things going and respond to the crisis.  We're keeping you in our prayers.

Video Services

I'm getting the hang of this 'video' church thing and I am sure that the learning curve is getting a bit flatter.  The best way for me to do the videos is by uploading them a bit earlier so that you can watch without interruption.  I had hoped 'live' messages would work but our data just isn't fast or stable enough.

All of the videos will be available at

Whatsapp Broadcast
We have a Whatsapp communication group that you can subscribe to (this is a one way messaging group, you won't get spam) to subscribe [for free]  click this link from your phone:  

Isaac has set up a group for youth / parents with children and he is sending out some resources and ideas; to be added to this group follow this link:

Palm Sunday

This Sunday is Palm Sunday so I invite you to make palm crosses for yourselves - I made one out of a sort of grass that grows in my garden.  Here are some instructions.

Also - why not decorate your front door or your gate with some greenery to let others know that you are celebrating Palm Sunday?

You can watch a sill video I made about making palm crosses:

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Lots of love and many blessings.
Rev Gus

(Feel free to send me messages etc. Its a great way to be in touch)


Rev Angus Kelly