What do you miss the most? & Live Drive In / Facebook / Online / Picnic Chair / Social Distancing Service this Sunday 😷

 Hi Church Family,

I’m not a big fan of meetings that should have been emails.  

You know, those meetings where everybody gets together in a room and hears what one person has to say.  Then they all leave.

The absence of church meetings has made me think instead about emails that should have been meetings.

And it has made me wonder what is it about church that I have missed the most over these past months?

Is it fellowship?
Singing together?
Praying together?

And in what ways are we really together when we do these things in the same space?

And it has made me think about how many church meetings we have had in the past that could have been contained in an email.  A one way conversation… like a pre-recorded YouTube message.  Instead of a true meeting of people.

At the moment we aren’t yet ready to open the church for services - but… you can get out of your cars at the drive in service...

We are not yet ready to host a service in the church this coming Sunday, 
but it looks like it will be a beautiful and sunshiny morning for DRIVE IN / WALK IN...

Weather for this Sunday according to yr.no

So we will have ’Live' drive in / walk in church at 845am. (In the parking lot).

You can remain in your car and tune in on 108FM.  

Or you can bring a picnic blanket / folding chairs and gather around near the ‘preacher’.

But please - Stay in your bubbles, wear a mask and maintain a distance of 1.5m.

The service will be broadcast ‘live’ on Facebook - I will email and WhatsApp the address before we start.  
But given that it will be outdoors and I’ll just be using my phone to share the ‘Live’ feed the quality won’t be as good as the usual pre-recorded service.

I will email the song words etc. so you can follow from home.

ALSO - Please let me know if you can help with our Covid re-opening plans by being part of our Covid Readiness Team.

Here is the church resource pack which is essential reading for those who might be holding meetings in the near future.  Link to Google Drive.

Our readiness team needs to help us:
  • Work out the logistics of seating people in church.  
  • Ensure orderly Entrance / Exit.
  • Register those who come in and limit the numbers in the building.
  • Ensure that masks are worn at all times.
Please send an email to let me know how you feel about opening / not opening and what you miss about church right now…

God bless,
Rev Gus