More News Than Usual

 Hi Church Family,

This long weekend Heather and I ended up taking leave to go for a quick drive to Plettenberg Bay to pick up an extra pet :)

He couldn't stay with his owners because after losing their business due to Covid they had to move out of their pet-friendly house into a complex with no room for pets.  His name is Tucker :) So now I have more dogs than hands to look after them with 😂  
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Communion This Sunday - 930am

This Sunday at church is a Communion Sunday.  We will be using the 'take away' communion cups again.  If you would like to join in for communion on-line please come and collect your communion cup between 830 and 9am on Sunday morning before the service.

Also please book your seats via the Quicket website.  If you don't manage with the website please contact me ASAP so I can add you from my side (see my contact details at the bottom of the email) / Click here to book -

Congratulations to Isaac on the beginning of a New Chapter
(Staff Changes)

This year our youth pastor, Isaac, qualified as an Educator - with Distinction! A massive congratulations to Isaac - who has been able to single dad, youth pastor, teach and mission with passion while he studied.  As of next term Isaac will be a full time teacher at Table View Primary.  

Thank You to our Secretary Dianne for Moving to Half Time Employment

Di, our secretary, has also moved to half-time working on Tuesdays and Thursdays and putting in an extra half day during the week to handle ad-hoc emails and calls.  We know that the role of church secretary is more than just administrative but also pastoral and we all thank her for the kindness and care she shows to all who come through our doors.

Charlene continues to work three days a week.  We need her to keep the church 'Covid' Clean and she does a great job ensuring that it is ready for our tenants from Dance Lab and Biosmart Covid Testing whose presence provides much needed financial relief while we are unable to operate at 'full capacity'.

COVID, Third Wave and Vaccinations

Looking at the Western Cape Covid numbers we are grateful to see that the curve has not begun to go up.  I really don't know what we should expect in the near future but we continue to pray for mercy!  

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 17.23.11.png

Please register for vaccinations if you are eligible:

Having had COVID I still don't have a very good sense of smell and Heather is still suffering from fatigue.  I'm grateful that I've been able to get on my bicycle and carry on running - and I don't think I'm any more forgetful than usual :)  Heather and I were spared the severity of the virus - but by continuing to protect yourselves and others you will save lives.

The Future for our Church

The future is no longer what it used to be.  I've realised how the momentum of gathering together in worship and prayer sustains us for ministry.  Over the past months we have lost a lot of momentum and our sense of purpose as a church.  As we continue through 2021 we will need to open our hearts and minds to what God will have us do in order to be the church we need to be in the future.

Please pray that God will guide us as we prepare for our next chapters!

God bless,

Lots of Love and Prayers,
Rev Gus Kelly

PS - I miss your faces


Rev Angus Kelly
Tableview Methodist


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