Bible Story Windows

The Bible Story Windows at Table View Methodist Church were designed by Rev Angus Kelly in 2018 and installed by Anika Van de Merwe of  Silverstain Stained Glass Studios in Advent 2019.  Anika must take the credit for the paint effects and final colour choices.

The windows are designed to reflect the story of the Bible in 12 chapters.  Feel free to download the pictures and use them.



Oppression, Sin, Pain and Flood

The first passover, crossing through the divided sea,
blood on the doorposts.

The Ten Commandments

Forty years under the hot sun in the wilderness.
A layer of manna for provision.

Crossing from the desert to the promised land.

Life in the the promised land.  Division into North and South.
Judah, the remnant in the bottom right.  
Exile and return in the two blue streaks.

Incarnation.  The birth of Jesus.  Baptism.  
Heavens separate and the Spirit descends.

The crucifixion.

Pentecost.  12 Disciples,  Tongues of flame.  
Different sizes and colours represent the diversity
of the pentecost community.

Revelation.  The Kingdom has come, the home of God 
is with mortals, the world is turned upside down.

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